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Welcome to my new website ROCHAT¦Advisory, a boutique where you will find an attractive offering on key themes and events around those three pillars: Governance, Investigations and Audit!

ROCHAT¦Advisory is specifically providing services in the area of regulatory governance for financial institutions, with emphasis on monitoring important changes to regulations, rules, standards and best practices by key regulators and standard setters in major jurisdictions. With regPULSE, subscribers find relevant regulatory updates at their fingertips through delivery of high-performance reports, such as a "Regulatory Digest"  typically distributed on a weekly basis. [Explore further...]

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Updated last on 1 June 2023

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These are the first two pages of this week's short version of the Regulatory Digest: in total 6 pages for a quick overview - compared to the 24 pages of the main, more detailed, document.

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