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Regulatory Screening

Concerned to be overwhelmed by regulatory changes in the financial industry?

Looking for a systematic, reliable source of information providing you with a regular, easy to use and yet powerful overview of changes in the regulatory landscape?

A new product has been designed and released for you: the «Weekly Regulatory Digest» that is pushed into your e-mail inbox regularly with news on changes induced by cross-sectoral regulators and standard setters through the main financial centers.

The newsletter adds value and *insight* through segmentation, tagging (e.g. type, taxonomies), edits to facilitate navigation through the text, while keeping the original message unaltered and linking the information to the original source and related documents.

It also provides you with the possibility to dive into a deep repository of regulatory changes for analytical cross-border compliance reviews or other purpose.

Interested? The Flyer provides you with more information and the introduction ("Keep Appraised of Regulatory Changes" [updated]) highlights its key features - request a free trial at [email protected]!

Wondered what you get with the "Weekly Regulatory Digest"? This presentation explains the various elements of the package.