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My Vision

Increase corporate value by providing Board of Directors, senior management and responsible management with novel insights on key elements of corporate governance, fraud risk management and internal audit matters, thereby actively fostering an effective, reliable and efficient internal control environment that is fertile for breeding a sound risk culture.

What I Do

I strive for excellence in mandate execution by applying sensible professional judgement to my core competencies in order to best serve the achievement of my client’s corporate goals. The focus of my work addresses three main, but distinct areas of high level corporate interest: (i) corporate governance matters, including counsel in respect to board structure, responsibilities and activities as well as dealing with more specific themes such as regulatory risk management; (ii) fraud prevention and detection, including investigations; and (iii) internal audit matters, such as the support for establishing the most effective structure and accepting limited mandates in this area.

Who I am

A seasoned financial services professional with 35+ years of managerial experience in the internal audit function of a large international banking organization which has become a “Global Systemically Important Bank”. Roles and responsibilities have included (i) managing the audit division assigned to the investment bank, (ii) managing the audit division assigned to the Swiss domestic businesses; (iii) creating and developing a new unit charged with supporting the Head of the Group Internal Audit function in corporate governance issues, including interaction with the BoD and the AC; (iv) creating a novel approach to following regulatory and standards developments; (v) creating and developing a MIS for the internal audit function; (vi) managing the internal quality assurance function; (viii) managing the professional practice function.